Marche Moscato Bianco I.G.T
Marche Moscato Bianco I.G.T
70q of grapes per hectare
Day / night temperature range
Sugar / acidity balance
Delicate body and slightly sparkling
The high clay soils are particularly congenial to Muscat, whose aromatic heritage is favoured by temperature changes. Obtained from the partial fermentation of the must, it has a persuasive aromatic profile capable of arousing unforgettable pleasurable sensations of taste and smell with fragrances of acacia, peach blossom, cedar, sage and musk. The fruitiness is felt perfectly on the palate in a finish of green apple, yellow peach and apricot. Sweet and fresh, it has a delicate body, slightly sparkling. It goes nicely with the various local dry pastry preparations and with yellow fruit based cakes. A Moscato suitable to accompany the classic pastry products based on cream, the leavened cakes typical of the Christmas and Easter tradition, fruit and cream tarts and fruit salad.