Pergola Aleatico Superiore DOC
Pergola Aleatico Superiore D.O.C
Aleatico grape variety, locally called Vernaccia Rossa di Pergola
Single vineyard, more than 50 years old
Indigenous fermentation
10 months ageing in large barrels
The ancient aleatico clone present in Pergola since 1234, the year of its foundation, has been sustained to this day thanks to the wise work of the winemakers, witnessed by the oldest vineyard still present at Grifoleto. The Grifoglietto is a real "cru", from a single vineyard of more than half a century on clay soil. It has a ruby ​​red colour on a purple background; the perfumes, initially austere, are characterised by hints of roses, strawberries and raspberries. On the palate, it is dry and fresh, harmonious and characteristic, with minimal tannic hindrance. It is best served with cured meats, white meats, dishes based on truffles and mushrooms. It combines divinely with snails in porchetta. The refinement in the bottle can last a long time, for years, like for great wines.