Aprico di Grifoglietto
Pergola Aleatico Passito D.O.C.
Pergola Aleatico Passito D.O.C.
Aleatico grape variety, locally called Vernaccia Rossa di Pergola
Drying of the grapes for 2 to 4 months
Ageing in oak barrels of 50 to 100 litres
Soft, aromatic, ample and ethereal
At the full maturity of the grapes, the bunches are harvested and dried in the fruit cellar which continues, depending on the vintage, for two to four months. At the end of this demanding work, the grapes are crushed and macerated for about 48 hours until alcoholic fermentation begins, which continues in 50 and 100 litres oak barrels for about two months until the alcohol content and the natural residual sugar residue is reached. The wine remains in the respective containers for subsequent refinement which can last up to 48 months. With a partridge-eye colour, the wine has a broad and ethereal olfactory path with a long aftertaste and enveloping aromas of candied orange peel, Mediterranean herbs, cedar, plums, dried figs, star anise, with a finish reminiscent of walnuts and Nougat. In the mouth it is sweet and soft but in balance with adequate freshness and slight astringencies with a hint of bitter closing from medicinal herbs. To be consumed in combination with dry pastries or simply as a meditation wine. It reaches full maturity after at least 4 years from the harvest and the plateau is between 5 and 15 years.