Vino e Visciole

Wìhsila La Mia Visciola
Flavored drink based on wine and sour cherries
Wine and sour cherries, Visciolato DE.CO. of the City of Pergola
Aleatico and Montepulciano
Local cultivated and wild sour cherries called “visciole”
Ancient traditional product
Meditation nectar
Wìhsila, La Mia Vìsciola, is obtained from red wine and sour cherries, or a variety of wild black cherry. This product was typically obtained from the farmers of the Marche countryside, mainly for domestic use as a "home liqueur". The production technique adopted is the one that was mostly used in the province of Pesaro. According to ancient tradition, fresh sour cherries, harvested in June, are left to macerate with red wine obtained in the previous harvest, with the aim of obtaining a natural fruit-based flavouring. After a period ranging from 1 to 4 months, during which a low temperature is maintained, the solid mass is decanted, the liquid part, once separated from it, is filtered, sweetened and left to refine in stainless steel tanks, before it is bottled. The distinctive characteristics of this singular traditional product are a very intense ruby ​​red colour, intense and persistent sour cherry scent, soft and full-bodied taste, and sweetness in balance with acidity. It is a delicious after dinner or meditation "nectar". It is excellent in combination with donuts and dry pastries; it is fantastic poured over ice cream. It is consumed both young and aged.